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Aerostation is a Hot Air Balloon Repair Station
Whether your pilot light is failing, whether you have gift wrapped the barbed wire fence that seemed so much further away when you began your descent or whether your basket looks like it has seen better days, we can help you out. We are fully compliant with the new EASA regulations, and come under the BBAC CAMO. Hot Air Balloon Repairs & Servicing
Aerostation is run by Rick Vale, an inspector for both private and transport category balloons.  Rick has been involved in ballooning since the late 70’s. He is a competition pilot, but also enjoys leisure flying with the West Midlands Balloon Club.
Rick is passionate about the future of ballooning, and it is for this reason that he decided to open ‘Aerostation’. As a pilot and inspector, Rick had long felt that there was a need for a Repair Station that offered a broad range of services in the Heart of England.
Aerostation has excellent facilities and is very well located. We operate from a large, clean, carpeted workshop and in addition have envelope drying facilities for the biggest balloon. We are based near Kidderminster, Worcestershire and fortunately are close to many motorway links, making us incredibly easy to access from most parts of the country.
Reasons to use Aerostation
  • We offer a full repair service at competitive rates.
  • Our workmanship is of a very high standard.
  • You can drop your balloon off to us for inspections.
  • If possible we will repair your balloon while you wait. We offer free Wi-Fi and a comfortable seating area.
  • We have an out of hours service, Rick’s motto is, ‘If my phone is on, then we are open’. His phone is never switched off!
  • Our location is excellent. We are close to the motorway network.
  • We care about our customers whether private or commercial, and want to get them out flying again as soon as possible.
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